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Argument – National Park

The country Myria, which charges fees for the use of national parks, reports little evidence of environmental damage. This strongly suggests that for the country Illium, the best way to preserve public lands is to charge people more money when they are using national parks and wilderness areas for activities with heavy environmental impact. By collecting fees from those people who overuse public lands, Illium will help preserve those lands for present and future generations.

Before charges people more money, the evidence given in the argument should consider all other factors that may affected on the result,  Illium government is assumed that by increasing the usage fees of parks and wilderness areas for activities, they will help preserve those lands from damages as per happened in Myria.

First, I would like to comment on what happened in Myria, it is not clear and vague,  many questions need to be clarified to be able to encompasses all sides of the given issue, such as what is the society culture and people behavior in Myria?, what is the type of environmental damages happened?, is laying waste or destruction / if it is individuals actions or episode accident  or its people trends, it’s may be the education level and attitude of people in Myria is differ than the people in Illium. In addition to the questions above, how much of charges fees applied for using parks in Myria?, is it lower or equal or greater than the originally applied in Illium, and if it is the same, what is the advantages of increasing the using fees, if the damage will happened, may be Illium Government intends to use these fees for maintenance and preservation, and if so how much it will cost?

Another point to consider, the argument not given any alternatives or study the possibility of using it, such as, prepare an enlightenment campaigns to people in Illium, introducing the importance of  such parks and wilderness area and how we preserve it. Also they can issue a stringent policy or law prohibited the damage or waste laying to any of public parks, provided close monitoring from the government to the public parks to avoid any reckless or irresponsible behavior.

In conclusion, I don’t know if the above decision will really protect the parks or not, because the lack of information given, also the alternative does not discussed, but what I know is the parks and wilderness areas is the last thing we would like to touch it with any type of damages, our life which is surrounded by artificial materials and polluted air need something pure and virgin to remember us with the original nature of our planet.


My Beyond Moments

Challenges, which gained from experiences passed through, is examine the human personality willpower, and have great effect on the personality of individuals for rest of his life.

In year 1999, I was a member in faculty soccer team and during the final soccer match, I was exposed to an accident, resulted to broken of my right arm, which should be fixed for six weeks at least, while the final exams will be within one week from that date, and because I used to write with my right hand, all friends, professors, and family members were expected that I would fail to pass the final exams of these year, particularly that the duration of splint will be concurrent with a five different courses exams from originally seven courses in that term, one of them is a machine element design, which needs not only to write but also to draw and sketch.

Meanwhile, I put a schedule to learn how I can use the pen by left hand and how much my calligraphy is clear and easy to read, the biggest challenge in these situation was the time factor and how I can increase the writing speed, considering that the university exams committee give me only 15 minutes above the original exams time.

My feeling was the insistence to pass this challenge to proof to myself that I can exceed the obstacles, if I have the willingness to do it, actually I passed all exams with moderate scores, which has been appreciated from all professors and dean of faculty of engineering at that time.

Other situation to be considered, recently While leading a project team, dealing with new heater manufacturing and installation, we faced a design problem, preventing successful start up. Serious troubles would have resulted, if this problem was not solved quickly.

Although the design and Engineering activities was not within our Company’s scope, I take the responsibility to execute the required modification in a quick response to prevent any losses of the production from occurrence

the results of such modifications were surprised all concerned persons, even the client sponsors, who are appreciate these efforts and approve these type of design to be used in all future heaters skids in the future.

Finally, the learning lessons, which gained from these situations, has been enriching my self-confidence and firm my belief with the ability to change and challenge the difficulties, even if those difficulties is hard or impossible to be passed for many people.

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