The Prison Hotel

There are expensive hotels and chain hotels, weird hotels and cozy hotels, but have you heard of jail hotels or prison hotels.

I spent One night with my friend Ahmed in SWANKY MALMAISON Hotel located in England’s university town of oxford, we lived this experiment for One night only  to know the real meaning of the phrase of “It’s like a prison in here”, this phrase became more than true at the end of that night.

At the beginning, we notice that this hotel keep the same feature of the prison, the Victorian style of the building rendering you feel that you are travelling centuries in the past, the architectural style of the historical building which are similar to castles that spread across Europe in the Victorian age, the old stones and huge entrance gates, all of these images reinforce our feelings and move it backward to another time of history.

We stay in a normal double room, which cost every one of us 140 pound per night including breakfast, the renovated prison comes complete with everything, starting from the luxurious rooms which facilitated with unique and fabulous furniture, power shower and plasma TV, special restaurant and a piano bar in the lounge, in addition to the wonderful view of a wide garden organized as the traditional English gardens style.

Despite all of these features and entertainment facilities, you still have the same feeling that you are in a jail, the hotel keep showcases thick metal doors, iron work stairs and steel bars at the windows.

Eventually, at the end of that night, we had discover special feelings, could you imagine that you sleep in the same place that shelter a lot of criminals and sharing with them the same fears of being jailed even if this jail will be facilitated with all such entertainment facilities and luxurious sense that found in this historical building.



About eslamelsherif

I'm 34 years and I worked as a Project Manager for Oil & Gas Downstream projects since 2002, I'm looking for the absolute knowledge; I'm interesting in Project Management, Philosophy, Theology, Roots of monotheism.On the other hand i like Traveling, adventures, Photographing.

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